Top 10 Swaraj Tractor Price List with Features and Specification

Top 10 Swaraj Tractor Price List

Here We are going to discuss about top 10 sawraj tractor models with price list in India. Swaraj is manufacturing company of farm equipments. Swaraj tractor is owned by mahindra and mahindra tractors. Swaraj always try to bring something new for the farmers. Lets see top 10 popular swaraj tractor models with price features and specs in India.

Top 10 Swaraj Tractor Models Price and Features

Check out 10 popular swaraj tractors here. We have tried to provide the price and specification of each models.

Swaraj 855

It is the most popular tractor in swaraj brand tractors. It is 52 HP tractor with 3 Cylinders. It is multi purpose tractor. It has water cooled system that gives smooth ride on the field.

The Swaraj 855 FE comes with eight forward + 2 reverse constant mesh gearboxes with 30.9 Kmph forward speed and 15.1 Kmph reverse speed. It has a manual and power steering features that enhance productivity. It has a 3307 CC capacity engine that generated 2000 engine rated RPM. Swaraj 855 price is Rs. 7.10 lac -7.40 lac.

Swaraj 744 FE

In the range of 40 to 48 Hp tractors, it is the most used tractor. It is 48 Hp with three cylinders, Which brings more power in economy sector.

It comes with accessories like ballast weight, canopy, drawbar, tools, bumper, and TopLink. Swaraj 744 FE manufactured with dry disc brakes and an optional manual/power steering with a single drop arm steering column. Operator comfort is ensured with Power Steering, which provides Ease of Turning. 744 FE tractor Swaraj price is Rs. 6.25 lac – 6.60 lac.

Swaraj 717

Swaraj 717 is best mini tractor with 15 HP and one cylinder. Good performance. It has many advaance technologies.

The Swaraj 717 has 780 kg lifting capacity, that means it can lift farm equipment for small farmers and increase their productivity. It offers smooth functioning at an affordable price. Swaraj 717 price is Rs. 2.60 Lac – 2.85 Lac.

Swaraj 735 FE

It is one of the largest selling tractor in swaraj brand. It is most liked by farmers. It has powerfull engine of 39 HP. It has water cooled engine system and oil Bath Type air filters.

The Swaraj 735 FE is also available with advanced features like Oil Immersed brakes, bigger tyres, and Power steering that increases farmer’s productivity and comfort. PTO power is useful for the farmer to operate PTO driven Implements like Mixing Machine, Harrow, MB Plough, Rotavator etc. 735 FE generates 32.6 HP Pto power. 735 FE Swaraj tractor price in India is Rs. 5.50 Lac – 5.80 Lac.

Swaraj 744 XM Potato Expert

It is best tractor for potato farmers. We can call it potato expert tractor. it is 44 hp and three cylinders. The price of this tractor is suitable for all farmers,

It offers 8 forward + 2 reverse constant mesh gear boxes which provide smooth work on the farm. Along with this, Swaraj 744 XM Potato Expert has oil immersed brakes, and its power steering type is an optional mechanical/power steering.

Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NT

It is the orchard master tractor.It is the most efficient tractor that comes with the so affordable price range. Best for the small farmers.

The Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NT comes with exceptional extract features like 1824 cc powerful engine capacity that generates 1800 engine rated RPM with 30 hp and 2 cylinders. This is the best engine combination among all the mini tractors in India.

724 XM Orchard NT Swaraj tractor on road price is approx. Rs. ₹ 4.18-4.35 Lac*.

Swaraj 855 DT Plus

Swaraj 855 DT Plus offers 1700 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity that can elevate almost all the implements and has oil immersed brakes. Its steering type is power steering. This tractor has 8 forward + 2 reverse great boxes which are perfect according to Indian land.

Swaraj 742 FE

HP – 42
No. Of Cylinder – 3
Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Clutch – Single
New Swaraj tractor Price – Rs. 5.75 lac – 6.00 lac.

Swaraj 963 FE

HP – 60
No. of Cylinder – 3
Clutch – Double Clutch
Gear box – 12 Forward + 2 Reverse
Price – Rs. 7.90 lac – 8.40 lac.

Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARD

HP – 25
No. of Cylinder – 2
Clutch – Single Dry Plate
Gearbox – 6 Forward + 2 Reverse
Price – Rs. 3.95 Lac

Sonalika 4WD Tractor Series price in India

Here is the list of all Sonalika 4WD Tractor Series with the price list in Indi Check out the latest price list of all Sonalika 4WD Tractor Series . Sonalika tractors gives best features in the tractors but the Sonalika 4WD tractors gives some extra ordinary features.

Sonalika 52 RX Tiger

Sonalika is a tractor brand which continuously improving it self and its models. Sonalika RX tiger is one the tractor model which gives advance systems to give best feel to farmers in the fields.

Sonalika 52 RX Tiger comes with an optional mechanical/ power steering and it has oil-immersed brakes. It has 6 spline power take-off with 540 revolutions per hour. Sonalika 52 RX Tiger manufactured with 65 liters of a large fuel tank capacity.

Sonalika GT 22 Rx

To improve the productivity in to the farm Sonalika tractors have given some extra features to GT 22 RX.

Sonalika GT 22 Rx manufactured with 650 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity with ADDC 3 point linkage that is appropriate for the heavy implements like a rotary tiller, cultivator, plough and many more. Additionally, it comes with accessories like a tool, top link, bumper, canopy, drawbar, hook, etc. it has manual steering with worm and screw single drop arm tyre steering column. Sonalika GT 22 Rx price is Rs. 3.42 lakh*.

Sonalika Worldtrac 75 Rx 4WD

This tractor comes with the 4 wheel drive. 4 wheel provide the best grip to tractor from the serface and gives the best performance in to the fields.

Sonalika Worldtrac 75 Rx 4WD comes with a powerful engine 3707 cc water-cooled engine capacity that generates 2200 engine rated RPM with 75 hp and 4 cylinders. It also has a dry-type with an air cleaner with a pre-cleaner & clogging system. It also has 12 forward + 12 forward synchromesh type gearboxes with a double-clutch. Sonalika 75 hp 4wd tractor price in India is Rs. 9.25-10.75 lakh*.


It is the most demand tractor in India. Actually it was build for the orchard. It has all the features which are needed to increase the productivity in to the fields.

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super supplied with 8 forward + 2 reverse sliding mesh gearboxes and has a single clutch. It also comes with oil-immersed brakes. Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super steering type is power steering. Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super price is Rs. 4.60-4.80 lakh*.







This is the most powerful tractor so it is most usefull tractor in india. It has all features needed to give high performance in to the fields.

Sonalika 60 Max Tiger manufactures with 4 wheel drive features along with this it consists of 60 hp, 4 cylinders, and 4087 cc of a powerful engine which generates 2100 engine rated RPM. Additionally, it has 2000-2200 hydraulic lifting capacity which is appropriate for almost all the implements.

So, these are the Sonalika tractor 4WD series in India. I hope you get all the details regarding the Sonalika tractor 4wd series for furthermore information stay tuned.

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Excavator: A Step Toward Sustainability

Sustainability has become an essential aspect of every industry, from the hotel industry to the heavy equipment industry. Hyundai is taking concrete steps towards a sustainable environment and has prioritised it.

In the past, Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) India has been known for producing some best excavators in India that are environmentally friendly. In fact, they have been recognised for their efforts in environmental conservation. The company has developed new technologies that help reduce CO2 emissions by 30% while increasing fuel efficiency by 20%. They also have plans to introduce new processes that will reduce the amount of waste produced during manufacturing by 50%.

As a result, HCE has prioritised focusing on sustainability in its operations. Recently, at the Bauma trade fair, HCE showcased the HW155H concept wheeled hydrogen excavator. Powered by hydrogen, this concept excavator is Hyundai’s first step towards sustainability. Let us take a closer look at this excavator and its features.

HW155H & its features

1. Hydrogen fuel cell 

Replacing fossil fuel, the HW155H is powered by hydrogen fuel cells that provide electric power to operate with zero tailpipe emissions. And unlike other electric vehicles, this machine can be charged in just ten minutes. The rear of the machine’s upper frame holds the cells for the excavator. On the right side of the machine, across from the operator’s cabin, are the tanks that supply them with fuel.

2. Powerful motors

Hyundai is offering a hydrogen-powered motor, ix35, which is already used in the Hyundai Nexo passenger car. HW155H can achieve an eight-hour continuous operating time on one fuel load. The fuel-cell stack’s electrical energy is transformed into usable electrical power, which is then used to power the machine’s traditional hydraulic pump.

3. Emission

The fuel cells rely on a chemical reaction between the stored hydrogen and oxygen present in the air. It generates electric energy from this reaction, with an inverter converting the energy into usable electric power. Furthermore, this power is used to propel the hydraulic pump and power the machine normally. As a result, the emission from these cells is water.

Final Thoughts

With the launch of this eco-friendly excavator, Hyundai is reaffirming its commitment to sustainable development. While heavy machines are always going to be a part of modern industries, Hyundai is laying a keen emphasis on making these much-needed machines eco-friendly.

“The BAUMA trade show is a great opportunity to get an overall view of the global construction machinery market trends,” said Sohn Dong-youn, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hyundai Genuine, adding, “we will closely examine our strengths and weaknesses against global top-tier companies, and aim to take the lead in a new market.”

Hyundai Genuine is Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s intermediate holding company in the construction machinery sector, with Hyundai Construction Equipment and Hyundai Doosan Infracore as subsidiaries.

Visit HCE India official website if you want to learn more about Hyundai excavators or even poclain price.